“Language of Nature”

Studio Artists’ Biennial

June 12 - Aug 22, 2015

School 33 Art Center

Baltimore, Maryland


Solo Exhibition of Recent Works

Oct 3 - Dec 19, 2015

Bromo Seltzer Art Tower

Baltimore, Maryland




“The built environment also inspired Ruri Yi's 'Language of Nature', a wall full of 12-by-12-inch acrylic-on-panel abstractions that collectively strive to locate a pattern or cadence to the city. Individually, each panel reads like a piece of minimalist, beige graphic design. As a whole, the collection has a presence greater than the sum of its parts—the wall evokes the rhythm of a modernist highrise's facade interrupted by stray satellite dishes or towels dangling from balconies. It's just as easy to conceptualize the irregular motif as a bird's-eye view of Baltimore's vacant-lot-pockmarked grid. In either scenario, the designed urban space is mutated by the unpredictable actions of the users who inherit it, transforming arbitrary geometry into something organic and mutable.”

By Michael Farley – Baltimore City Paper

Ruri Yi’s massive installation of miniature-scale paintings, “Language of Nature,” which can be found along the back wall, are understatedly beautiful in their simplicity, but clever in how she’s incorporated the wall they’re displayed on into the artwork. I would never think that simply painting a wall light grey would make such a difference in an artwork, and transform an otherwise straightforward display of paintings into a full-on installation. Her paintings, although all similar in color and style, are all slightly different, and give me the sense that I am looking at different moments, or glimpses throughout one continuous story.”

By Dervla McDonnell – Baltimore Arts

“Ruri Yi, in her engagement with articulating the urban space and the built environment, is more fascinated with the space between the structures rather than the structures themselves. It is these spaces, which become re-articulated through her unique interpretation, that tease the idea of space and form as language. ”  

Curatorial Statement by Sarah Doherty
Artist, Professor of Interdisciplinary Sculpture, Maryland Institute College of Art

“Holiday Small Works Show”

School 33 Art Center

Dec 4 - Dec 12, 2015

1427 Light St.

Baltimore, Maryland

Guest Spot @ The Reinstitute

Sep. 2 – Oct 15, 2016

1715 N Calvert Street

Baltimore, Maryland, 21201

The Black and White Project / NYC


August 12 – September 11, 2016

1329 Willoughby Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11237


All images © Ruri Yi, unless otherwise noted.

Leaning Over the Edge

Ruri Yi: Abstract Non/Binaries at Guest Spot

by Terence Hannum, BmoreArt, Art and Culture, October 12, 2016

I’ve invested a considerable amount of time with hard edge abstraction. It is something dear to me. Given the resurgence of interest in work using this as a defining element from the intense Carmen Herrera exhibition at the Whitney Museum that just opened to the Frank Stella retrospective earlier at the same institution. The edge has arrived back at a time when one would least expect it. Or perhaps, if we are to consider Boethius, the wheel of time has spun around to consider an era anew at a time where an audience is able to receive it.

It’s hard not to consider this cycle of time when considering the approximately sixteen acrylic with graphite paintings in Ruri Yi’s Abstract Non/Binaries at Guest Spot. Each of the pieces owe as much to the hard edge and its history in abstraction as they do to their own intrinsic logic as movements within a cycle. READ MORE

Main Arts Program Galley at UMUC

“Out of Chaos: Arts from the Baltimore Artists’ Housing, Inc.”

April 30, 2017 – July 30, 2017

3501 University Boulevard East

Adelphi, Maryland 20783

The Rehoboth Art League,

Ventures Gallery


May 11, 2018 – June 10, 2018

Henlopen Acres Campus

Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

“Out of Chaos”

Pointing To The Sun | An Exercise in Abstraction  Curator Rod Malin


September 6, 2018 – October 13, 2018

Opening Reception: September 6, 6-9pm | Gallery Reception: September 8, 1-3pm

212 McAllister St. Baltimore, MD 21202